Buffalo Paddywack

Buffalo Paddywack

Free Range Grass Fed Buffalo - Canine Caviar Alkaline Dog Food Free Range Grass Fed Buffalo.

Hormone Antibiotic Free - Canine Caviar Alkaline Dog Food Hormone & Antibiotic Free.

Human Grade Buffalo - Canine Caviar Alkaline Dog Food Buffalo are very low in sodium, calories, and contain calcium, potassium, vitamins B6 and B12.

Canine Caviar Buffalo Paddywack is extra meaty to give your dogs a long-lasting, satisfying chew (helping to reduce tartar and maintain your dog’s teeth and gums). Canine Caviar Buffalo Paddywack comes from premium quality 100% free range grass fed buffalo.


  • 6″ lengths.
  • 12″ lengths.
  • 4 packs (6″ pieces).

Product of India - Canine Caviar


1 piece per day.

For the safety of your pet, observation is recommended when feeding your pet treats, bones, or chews.

Crude Protein80.0 % min.
Crude Fat2.0 % min.
Crude Fiber3.0% max.
Moisture10.0% max.


Dehydrated Buffalo Neck Meat.